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Shichiria No Senshi
Shichiria No Senshi

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Our kennel is called “Shichiria no senshi“, in Japanese it means “Warriors of Sicily” recognized by ENCI (National body of Italian dog breeding) and FCI (International cynological federation).
It is totally family-run in the province of Messina.
Dogs live with us, in our homes surrounded by greenery.
To guarantee the birth of healthy puppies, free from genetic defects and to give greater guarantees to families, we have carried out health tests on each of our subjects and deposited the DNA of each of them.
All our puppies stand out for their balanced character, as we pay a lot of attention to the study of the subjects we decide to mate.
A fundamental contribution to education and excellent character formation is given by the family context and the loving climate in which they grow up.
The added value of our breeding is walking alongside you in the growth path of your puppies and we will always be present for any need, even when they have become adults.
Another peculiarity to highlight is that which concerns a service that we give to all families who decide to take one of our small “peluche“.
For each arriving litter we form a Whatsapp group in which we share photos and videos; we provide you with the information necessary to welcome puppies into your home, but it is also a nice way for you to constantly monitor their growth and well-being.

Who we are

My name is Luca Silvestri, I live in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME), a municipality located on the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily, right in front of the wonderful scenery offered by the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands, and I have always been a dog enthusiast.
I was only 3 years old (1980) when I met a Belgian Shepherd that belonged to my maternal grandparents.
I fondly remember those years spent with him, his unconditional love for him.
He protected me and saved me from danger on more than one occasion.
He died at the age of 13 and from that moment my family, out of enormous regret, decided not to welcome any more dogs into our home.
In 2007, while browsing the web, I saw a photo of a dog that was nothing short of marvelous: a “Shiba Inu”.
I was struck by the expression and pride he showed, but the decisive push I received was watching the famous film with Richard Gere: “Hachiko – your best friend”, a true story, tear-jerking, where the protagonist dog was represented by a Shiba Inu in the scenes where he was still a puppy and an Akita Inu in the scenes where he became an adult.
So I decided to buy “Hachiro”, my first Black and Tan Shiba Inu.
The Shiba is not a dog like others, he has something magical inside.
His character cannot be explained, it must just be experienced.
Hachiro sparked in me the desire and courage to go further, so I decided to take “Asami“, female and “Samurai Junior“, male, son of the world champion (Milan, 2015) “Samurai gardens of Meiji“.
My first puppies were born from them, an indescribable emotion.
With them my adventure in the world of beauty dog shows also began and the first successes arrived.
With “Samurai Junior”, in 2016, we also won the first national title “Young Italian beauty champion“.
In the same year, the arrival of another female Shiba Inu, “Merkulov Yuri Samurai“, contributed to enriching my kennel.
From the first mating between Samurai and Yuri, 5 cubs were born.
After a few years, the idea of purchasing a Shiba whose characteristics could prove to be an added value of the “Shichiria no senshi” began to creep into my thoughts.
Among the many dogs evaluated in different kennels, the light came on in front of “Ajisai Legend Winner“, always called simply “Bolt“, a 6-month-old puppy belonging to a Russian kennel.
After providing us with all the necessary guarantees regarding the dog’s health, I decided to purchase it.
Getting a young dog is always a gamble, as the Shiba‘s development continues up to 2 years of age, sometimes even beyond.
He was a winning bet!!!
Bolt has given us a lot of satisfaction to date, conquering national and international shows, achieving the titles of young Italian champion, Albanian champion and Spanish champion at less than 2 years of age.
Furthermore, he participated in the Madrid 2022 Canine World Championship, winning the intermediate class.
With dedication and rigor, we try to safeguard the breed by selecting specimens from which puppies can be born with balanced temperament, health and perfect standards.



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