Adopt a Shiba Inu too

Useful Advice

In the first few days, the puppy will feel disoriented and frightened, his world has changed very quickly and for a few days he will miss his mother and his little brothers.
In the first few days, try to stay close to him and don’t leave him alone at home.
Create a corner of his own with: a bowl of water, a comfortable cot and a few toys.
During the first few nights if he complains and struggles to fall asleep, stay close to him, cuddle and caress him to make him feel safe until he falls asleep.

Don’t be hard on him if he needs something at home for the first few months, puppies still don’t perfectly control their physiological needs.
Take him outside as much as possible to try to understand his rhythms and praise him with “ bravo ” when he relieves himself outside.
Be patient and you will see that he will soon learn not to dirty the house anymore, as the Shiba </ strong> is naturally clean and does not like to dirty the environment in which he lives.
He needs to know the rules of the new house and its spaces. Be firm and decisive but gently, the puppy will have to respect you and not fear you.

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