Shiba Inu

The oldest of the 6 Japanese dog breeds.

The Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is the oldest of the 6 Japanese dog breeds.
Probably arrived from China with the first human occupants, the Japanese dog, as it appears from the archaeological finds, is between 6000 and 300 before Christ, already significantly different from the European dogs of the same era.
The English Setter and the English Pointer were imported from England during the period 1870-1912, as hunting in Japan , it became a sport and the custom of crossing Japanese dogs with these breeds of English dogs spread, which is why from 1912 to 1926 there was a risk of extinction of the pure breed. Only in the most remote parts of the mountainous areas did native Japanese dogs survive.
Hearing the alarm, on May 5 1928 Dr. Hiroyo Saito and his group met to found the “NIHON KEN HOZONKAI“, called also “NIPPO” (Japanese Dog Conservation Association), made official under this name in 1932. They traveled extensively in the mountainous regions of Japan. Their intention was to find subjects, in terms of characteristics, as close as possible to their original form and they succeeded. The Shiba finds its origins from the reunification of several ancient breeds, which were significantly different according to the regions, in size, color and morphology. These small breeds were grouped under the name of “Shiba” by Dr. Saito. The work on the breed was carried out with great success and in 1934 it allowed to obtain the approval of the breed standard.
Understanding the importance of Dr. Saito’s hard work and to avoid what the inbreeding was causing, Nippo declared the Shiba Inu breed a national treasure of Japan (1936), for which the Japanese still consider it a matter of honor to breed it.
Shiba Inu means, little dog or bush dog. It was used to hunt game but also large animals such as wild boar, deer and bear.
In Japan, the Shiba is still used for hunting, but also as a companion dog due to its characteristics.
It is a very clean dog, due to the characteristics of its skin it does not smell, self-sufficient, courageous, led to always protect, regardless of the size of the enemy. A real “Samurai”.
The shiba does not like violence and bad manners.
He is a very proud dog and if not considered in the right way, he tends to move away, instead he will respect all the rules imparted with love.
Children are the favorite “prey” for play. He reacts to every event in the family and takes a direct part in them.
You will find his nose everywhere, due to his curiosity.
Being a hunting dog, he is very active, loves long walks and runs in the wild.
He is a very attentive dog who is also able to sit for many hours watching life go by in front of him.
A mysterious dog, a true friend, companion and brother.
When you have a Shiba your heart will be touched forever!

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